Sunday, November 27

Just What Was Needed! Whew!

  • Sunday morning... I wake Carrie up for her flight and she is no better after the 4 hours of sleep. She keeps up the puking for her whole trip home. If I didn't know better you'd think she was coming home from Vegas. I headed off to church to teach sunday school. It was a great weekend with lots of good times and memories. Sharing all those experience really brought us close again. We both needed it so badly. We've both experienced bouts of lonliness lately and it couldn't have been more perfect timing for us. We are best friends but it's been a long time since we got to act like it. And now I've convinced her to come back for Christmas. I can't wait!

  • Saturday night... We celebrated the ND victory by heading to 180 in Los Gatos with John and Jeff. Carrie being an ND alumni took her celebrating a bit too seriously. She was really keeping up with the boys. We went to the Brit to meet up with Bill, Elliott, Josh, and Samantha. It wasn't long though before Carrie was hitting the restrooms proving that she was her drunkest ever. With her condition we scratched our plans to do an all nighter over at Cardinal and just headed to my house.

  • Saturday... With Butters in tow we headed to Santana Row for Wahoos. Carrie and I have a fondness for Wahoos having lived in Wahoo central down in Newport Beach. Butters fit in perfectly with the Santana Row crowd. She is the perfect shopping dog. We visited a few of Carrie's old friends before we headed to the Notre Dame vs. Stanford football game. It was the last game in the Stanford stadium before tearing it down. It was definately the best game I ever saw. It was really close there up in the last 2 minutes. But thank God... Notre Dame came though with just one second left on the clock. So off to the bowl they go. GO IRISH!

  • Friday night... Patty, Carrie, and I headed to Miyake to meet up with the KAK krew. It was wild fun. And when we got there there was that Cheers moment when everybody was excited I was there and wanted to say hi. It felt great and made up for the fact that they had forgotten to invite me and that I wouldn't have known except for running into them the night before. After dinner and not enough sake bombs, the KAK went to Rudy's while we carted our little group over to Blue Chalk. We met back up at the Cardinal Lounge afterwards for a little late night eats. And then we had a little after party over at KAK house. And I didn't leave until 5am. But it was so worth it.
    Men In Black
  • Friday... I started out Black Friday at the Gilroy Outlets where we met up with Annie for a little Eric's Deli. I can't get enough of their holiday sandwhich. Then we stopped for a very emotional goodbye with our high school spanish teacher, Mr. Fernandez. We have always been very close to him and it was sad because it could realistically be the very last time we see him. He has been battling lymphomic cancer and although he is currently ok, there are still some spots that they are watching and he is very tired and week by it all. And now he is moving back to Spain to be with his family. We do intend to go visit in Spain, but if we put it off too long then we may miss the boat if his cancer returns. It was a tearful goodbye. After that we went to have dinner with Carrie's brother, dad and his wife. They are always alot of fun with tons of great stories and laughs.

  • Thursday Night... So this weekend with Carrie was just what we both needed. She came to stay with me Thanksgiving night bringing along her pug dog, Butters. That night we headed to the Brit where we had an awesome time with a ton of friends... Billy, Elliott, Josh, Marisa, and coincidentally the KAK krew were there. So that was a fun night because I got to hang out with TiTi too.

  • Thanksgiving... first I headed up into the mountains to have an early dinner with Jerome's family. His parents are so nice to me. His mom Kathy actually had offered to come pick me up the night before when I was "sick as death" and take me to their place and take care of me. Then after that I headed to Thanksgiving at my mom's house. My sister went elsewhere which was fine by me because I'm still a little pissed that she hasn't apologized for the whole kidnapping incident last week. Dinner was great. And afterwards we walked downtown to Christmas in the Park before heading back for pumpkin pie. It was very quaint. Then my sister showed up so I booked it out of there. No, kidding. I had to leave anyways. Carrie was on her way to my house with Butters.


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