Wednesday, November 2

Just 20 More Days

... until my birthday! I really need to get started with this party planning. I'm turning 28. Entering late twenties and can no longer pull off mid twenties. With every year are new sets of social standards that I come to realize I'm behind on. The other morning my house phone rings and oddly enough I am compelled to answer it which I normally do not. On the other end is my childhood best friend Tasia. I had lost her and she had tracked me down. Coincidentally, I had just been talking about her the night before with Jerome's mom. So it was amazing to have her pop back into the scene all of a sudden. Well, she is a year younger than me and doing amazingly. She's married with three children ages 8, 5 and 1. They just bought a house in Olivehurst. She runs a daycare out of her home. And to top it off she looks beautiful. She models. Hmmm. I'm so happy for her but with this next birthday approaching those daunting thoughts start looming in the back of my mind. Shouldn't I have something to show for by now? A relationship, a spouse, a house, children, a business, a high power promotion, a degree, a talent, a pet even? something? anything? Whatever I've been doing in life the last 10 years of my adulthood seemed to prove a bit unfruitful. And I have a feeling it doesn't appear to be so from the outsiders viewpoint, but it feels like it on the inside. And my life is full of potential and I have dreams and visions I'm working on. I think I have just traded the typical pillar points for fun and experiences, but even that has slowed these days. I have done a little bit of everything but haven't exceled in anything. So I thought it would be great to dig up that picture of me and Tasia at my 5th Birthday party to put up here, but low and behold... my yellow box of childhood pictures is missing from my room. It is no where to be found. I've just spent an hour searching and I haven't found it. Now this is a very disturbing scenario. That box hold alot of precious photos. And there is no good explanation on where it could be. But it's lack of being in any of it's obvious places is driving me crazy. Pray for me. I'm going photo hunting.
[editors note: Ok, so as it's pointed out to me... I do have a house. and a cat. and a passport more full than most. and a very comfortable stress free life.]


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