Friday, November 18

I'm astonished by the foe or friend outlook people have out there. It appears that in ending the disillusionment of friendship, people have taken that to mean that we are now enemies. Of course, that was in no way my intention. I did not intend to change my behavior towards people much at all. I was just changing my mindset from one of disillusionment to one of reality. I wasn't looking to become public enemy number one. None the less, people felt it necessary to retaliate to my public frustrations that were geared toward no one person in particular by dishing out personal insults and accusations. It's like having issues with the entire judicial system and then having one judge come an put you in jail for it. It only confirms your original issues you had with it in the first place.


Blogger Duncan said...

hiya hun, I'm back online, sorry I haven't been around for a while, but I'm back and posting :)
Antime you wanna chat - just drop us a line!

Hugs and Kisses


12:08 PM  
Blogger Duncan said...

oh - btw, I understand your posts. Over the last few weeks I have had true friends show themselves, people who are always there whether you want them to be or not :)
I needed people after my latest troubles and they have bent over backwards to help. Most of them are not in my vicinity but they have made it feel like they are close by.
I know that you and I had a great time when we met, but I do not see you day in day out, so I know that I wouldn't be in your close group of friends. Despite this - you have brightened up many days for me since the cruise and I hope you will many more times.
If this is way off the mark - sorry, that's how I see your thoughts :)

12:27 PM  
Blogger r.bean said...

When people break up and one person takes the unmasked moment to reveal the nastiness (undoubtedly the root responsible for the break up in the first place) to their face....the part I don't understand is how, once these undercurrent feelings are revealed the person abused will take them back.
I agree with Jason in that you don't need (and very likely can't have) more than a few very good friends. Of course, knowing you, you'll maintain many more with love and generosity- but don't overextend yourself and certainly cut the strings with anyone who has reacted scornfully.

5:57 AM  

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