Tuesday, September 6

Labor Day Lounging

Nothing big this weekend. Somehow KAK left me out of their plans to go to Newport this weekend, so o-well. I had girls night out on Friday.... dinner and cosmos at my house before heading to downtown san jose to go bar hopping. The bars were subpar as usual. I'm not a fan of the downtown scene. I did see some friends while I was out and that's always pleasant. And then Saturday was the Byrne Housewarming Party which was great. Wow! Their house looks great now that it has furniture. And their love sak... oooohh... am I ever so jealous. And it was great to finally catch up with Kelly. Then on Sunday was the normal church morning with me teaching sunday school. We had a church food fest afterwards that was great. It was a better turnout than I would have expected for a labor day weekend. Then I gave Karis driving lessons. The girl needs to learn how to drive stick shift. I always want her to drive so I can do my makeup in the car, but no go. So we are working on this now. Then we headed over to Tapestry and Talent downtown. I bought some big moviestar sunglasses. And I bought a customized purse that I should get next week. Eversince I got my neighborhoodie, I try and customize absolutely everything. Why not? It's always worth a try. Then I went out to see Four Brothers, but was it a date? Just because it's consistent does mean it's commitment. And on Labor Day, I used this day off of unemployment to splurge on gas and take a long drive up to Big Basin for a little hike and then over to Capitola for some beaching and then back into town for some bbq and monopoly at the Skarbeks. So let me tell everybody that Pete Byrne is my absolute hero. I adore him. In less than a minute he had fixed my camera! God bless him! I was so excited. Thank you, Pete! So thanks to him I was able to take this great pic of Michelle and Jason. Can't you just feel the love?
Michelle and J


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