Tuesday, September 20

Just Push Publish!

Well, it was the usual success! Lots of fun and lots of friends old (Danny Page) and new (Breea). Michelle enjoyed her birthday. The place looked great. No cops came. No major dramas. I, of course, over did it slightly, but not as much as usual, so that was good. Financial restraints kept me reeled in. Thus I'm only $150 in the hole. But I'm working tonight and I have temporary part time work set up for October. And a permanant part time gig set up for November... yep, the pimp job. The details... mom is a police officer and dad is a firefighter. And together they have the most wacked out schedule that results in 12 hour days, but only for about 8 days a month. I'd rather work 8 long days than 24 short days. This gives me so many days off for ministry or working on my new big vision or sitting in my chair all day in my pajamas like I do now. Or maybe going on field trips. I went on a great field trip on Monday. I went up to Oakland with Nate because he had a rehearsal up there. While he did his thing I took a little detour to Lake Merritt, where the goal was to experiment with the art form of pastels. I'm a perfectionist so I often get very frustrated with paint. And I love to draw. Pencils are a very forgiving medium so I was trying to find something in the middle. But when I got there what I did instead was spend an hour doing photography. I found this interesting because I was going for the immediate gratification and staying clear of the new uncomfortable setting. I realized the parallel that existed between my pursuit of art and my pursuit of ministry. Frustrated with my own patheticness in how far my neurosis really do extend, I put the camera away and forced myself to sit down and create. This is what I came up with.
lake merritt charcoal
I'll try again another time. I need more colors. Then Nate and I had lunch in Jack London Square and then headed up to San Francisco and hit up Golden Gate Park. The playground was taken over by a film crew shooting a movie called The Pursuit of Happiness featuring Will Smith who was spotted here. We followed it up with grabbing some chowder down at the wharf. An overall fabulous field trip.


Anonymous Tom said...

I just realized that's a picture of You, Michelle and Bruce Willis. Damn me for not coming!

10:39 AM  
Blogger Mattis said...

I like your blog. :)
More on lizards!!

4:55 AM  

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