Thursday, September 1


I almost forgot to tell you! My first neighborhoodie came! I was so excited. I sported it last night to the downtown open air cinema, but I can't wait to wear it out to the bar. I may live in it for a few days. The note that accompanied it said...
How do you ever get anywhere, Girl?
-The Love Capt."

I know. I know. I think that was partially the point of the shirt. So it can give the hints for me when I'm to wimp to do it myself. My first paycheck of new job will buy the next shirt.... Inhibition Overload. What will The Love Captain have to say to that?
Thank you Neighborhoodies!


Blogger Shin-yo said...

That is so to the point. I hope those guys will finally de-wus and get the point. :)

6:56 PM  

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