Thursday, September 1

high school self portrait
I did this self portrait back in high school. My face shape is off and I skipped the plethora of freckles that populate my face. But other than that, I think it's not bad. I found this amongst other goodies as I sort through boxes full of old papers in hopes of finding my resume. I lost my resume when my computer crashed last year. I have my business resume, but not my childcare resume. And Saturday I have an interview for a job that I'll most likely get with or without a resume. But seeing that it's a $3/hr raise, I see it worth it to produce a resume of sorts for them. But you all can pray for me to get it anyhow. I'll fill you in on all the good details once it's for sure.

This weekend I sorted through the mounds of boxes to make some walking room in the garage. Now I just have 6 miscellaneous boxes of papers and junk to sort through and get rid of, then the garage is dance floor ready for the upcoming parties. I've called my dj to arrange to pick up the turntables. It's all in motion. He offered to sell them to me. I should seriously contemplate this for as much as I borrow them although I can't for the life of me learn how to spin myself. So we'll see.


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