Tuesday, July 12

OK, my official stance on Nantucket... the way I see it is like this. You know how they say Valentine's Day is a hallmark holiday? Well, Nantucket is like a hallmark island. It's in that the whole purpose of coming to Nantucket is to come buy Nantucket junk so that everybody knows that you've been to Nantucket. But that's it really. The beaches are ok, but nothing spectacular. I think the only valid reason you would go there is if you passionately love either fishing, sailing or expensive boutique shopping. Or if you enjoy collecting Nantucket junk so that everybody knows you've been there. So for a while I was having a bit of island fever. But there are some things that have been very redeeming. I have been having some great runs. It's a very flat island and I hate running hills, so I've been getting along very well with that. I run down to the airport and watch the private jets land and take off. And all along the sidewalks I find it interesting that instead of having litter in their gutters, you find loads of sand... even in the most residential areas. Also, this house they've rented is really nice and has loads of books filling the shelves in my bedroom. I'm enjoying reading 'Tis by Frank McCourt. I read Angela's Ashes years ago and always meant to get around to this. I've managed to get really tan again. I could make a life revolving around not losing my tan. It makes me want to run out and get my hair done in cornrows like when I was in the Caribbean, but I doubt there is anyplace on the island that does that. It's not that kind of island. Perhaps, when I get to NYC. Maybe me and Raelene can both get braided and take pics to send to the family. They'd get a kick out of that. And maybe we pull out the fur coats despite it being a hot city summer. We visited one beach here that was just full of seashells and there were these really beautiful shiny irredescent ones that I kept collecting and can fully imagine making them into a necklace or a pair of earrings. And I need earrings because I've currently lost all of mine. I could see this being another project for me and the cousin. Along with Gorum cookies and butternut squash gnocci. Although she may not have as much time as she use to. I think she kind of works now. I've also been surprisingly liking the selection of music on my boss' iPod. I generally don't like their CD selection or their radio stations, so the great iPod playlist was a pleasant surprise. My main highlight of Nantucket was stumbling across a street performance of Nantucket's acapella group called The CobbleTones. If you don't know, these east coast acapella groups are my favorite kind of music and I've collected random college group cd's forever. Their corner performance was great. One of the guys works at the ice cream joint and I got the scoop on the group from him a few days later. They will maybe be recording an album later this summer of which I will definately have to purchase. Ok, that's all really. I'm still board here though, so feel free to email or call.


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The point of Nantucket is to be the content of rude limericks.....

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