Monday, July 4

Patriotic Liz

Happy 4th of July! Interesting thing that goes on back east... they celebrate independence day whenever. So yesterday was the big deal back here in Newport, RI. I started of the day by ditching the family I work for to join some others in checking out Breakers Mansion (built by the Vanderbilts). Then we met up with them at the beach. The big thing was to dig huge holes until you hit water. After coming back to the house to change and relax, we headed back to a big huge neighborhood party that the boss' cousin was throwing. It was great how all the kids in the neighborhood just gather together and play in the street. They are so wonderful at entertaining themselves out here. Later we walked down to the waterfront to watch the fireworks. The Queen Elizabeth 2 was in town and looked beautiful lit up as a glorious backdrop for the firework display. (But overall the show back home in San Jose is way superior). Today while the adults went sailing, I stayed home with the kids and all their cousins and taught them how to play Sardines. Then we had a huge water gun fight. I overheard the kids say how everything was great until the adults came home and then everything somehow went lame. I feel that way all the time.


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