Friday, July 22

First off I just wanted to mention that my friend Emilie gave birth to the most gorgeous baby boy, Parker "Spiderman" Jacob Sampson. I had hoped that she would hold in until I returned, but I realized the unliklihood when she was dialated 2 cm when I departed for this trip over 3 weeks ago. The fact that she was able to keep the baby in that long is impressive and I'm happy for her knowing that she is done with the misery of pregnancy (for now).

Ok, well today was maybe one of the most fun days of my trip so far. And I know by saying this it is a clear indicator of one of my carefully hidden neurosis... I spent all day guiding my cousin through an all day purgefest as I organized all her closet and storage space. I really enjoy doing stuff like that for some reason. I love turning chaos into order and creating efficient systems of organization. And as if the joy of the task at hand wasn't enough, I also got a good laugh at the many eccentric articles of clothing that compile her one of a kind wardrobe. Everything she owns is very odd. She has no normal like clothing. Or furniture. There's nothing wrong with that it all, it just is funny. But I am perhaps rubbing off on her as she had starbucks and bought something from the Gap yesterday. Muahaha! My evil plan to infiltrate and make her conform to social norms is working! Tomorrow I will introduce McDonalds! Just kidding, Ray!

And after all that slave driving I escaped to catch up with a Miss Regan Love, a dear friend from our old high school days. The first thing to catch my eye is not how much we've changed, but how alike we are. After years of not seeing each other, there we meet on a busy NY street corner dressed to match... both sporting the same popular shade of lime green on the top. Regan in a black skirt and myself in black pants. As we walk through Union Square Park, there are comments about us looking like M&M's. And the chatty banter picked up so naturally you'd think we were walking down the hall to homeroom. After dinner at the Republic, we spent a little time shopping where we continuously picked out the same clothes to show each other. An experience much less likely to happen if I were shopping with my cousin. Just goes to show that opposites attract, but so does sameness.


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