Sunday, July 31

The Adrenaline Continues

I followed up my very eventful Friday morning with an afternoon at the races. It was awesomely amazing. They transformed our downtown into a grand prix race track. Check out the race route. From my bleacher seats in the park I had an ideal view of what proved to be one of the trickiest turns of the route. Time after time cars would spin out or lose control and crash into the tire wall just 30' from where I sat. Very very exciting. The roar of the engines... unbelievable. My mom and I found a young guy sitting alone to narrate through the ins and outs of the races. My mom was given free tickets for all 3 days from the organizers because of the inconvenience she would endure living only one street over from the track. I wish I would have taken advantage and found the time and energy to rally for the other 2 days. Well, San Jose has a 5 year contract to host this event so I will be sure to block off the entire weekend for next year.

Radar On Race Cars
I couldn't help but snap this picture. The cops put away their ticket writing instincts to line up with pit crew at the end of one of the straightaways and bust out the radar guns to clock top speeds. I'm curious to know their speeds as well.

Then I pulled myself away to join my church homegroup at a beach bonfire. It was great to see my members of my church family for the first time since my long absence. I brought my roommate Karis along with me. It was the first time we've seen each other in the entire month that we've been sharing a residence. I taught perfect chocolate melting smore techniques to the kids with parental blessings as it requires playing a bit closely with fire. And Jon put together an awesome little video clip of the night. The picture below is compliments of Rob and his new photoblog.

Later that night Karis and I washed the sand off and headed out to the bars to meet Scotty and Jeff. KAK house had an idea that they needed to approve of any roommates prior to them moving in because they consider the Foxworthy House their sister house. Being denied the priveledge of picking my roommates, I think they were quiet pleased with Karis and her all for it attitude. We sat in the hot tub sipping cocktails and talking God until 5 in the morning.


Anonymous Rob Spain said...

Hey Liz, Glad you had a good time at the bonfire. Thanks for the link. I had fun as well. Look forward to new adventures to come. Our homegroup is about to get a whole new kind of interesting.

11:13 PM  

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