Monday, June 13

Tonight I ran a few miles around the neighborhood and stopped at my gym on the way back to do some weights. There I see a guy that maybe I know. And as I walk past him on my way out he nods and says "Hey Liz" and I just nod back with a simple Hi and continue on. I know more people than I actually remember. And I am anti-social so I don't talk to many people even if I know them. But it was Danny Page like I thought. What I remember about Danny Page was that I met him when I was a high school freshman through Carrie and I think there had been a crush somewhere between them. And I remember when I was probably a senior he took my Presentation Athletics sweatshirt. Just imagine this total skateboarder guy sporting the all-girl high school's athletics gear. It was hilarious to everyone back then. I never got it back either.


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