Thursday, June 2

So as soon as I return from Vegas and get around to unpacking my luggage comes the time to get it back out and pack it back up for a trip to Newport Beach. Kelly sat at my house as I packed pleading with me not to go away this weekend as she just got back into town yesterday, but I can't delay this trip any longer. I'm researching the option of moving down here with the creperie and seeing whether their city planning stops me dead in my tracks or not. So tonight Sunstar and I drove down here. Tomorrow is the only day I have to really accomplish any business. The rest of the weekend will be devoted to fun. Stopping at the LA location of Neighborhoodies is a must seeing that I missed out on stopping at the Las Vegas store last weekend. I must also see my sister this weekend. She'll come up from San Diego. I must go to Rock Harbor and this time I'll buy worship cd's and not get evacuated from the building. I must hit up a party Haylee is throwing in Malibu. Possible musts are visiting my old coworkers over at UBS PaineWebber, hitting the beach, returning to Club Vegas, and picking up that beach bag I regretted not getting last time I was in town. If it's still on your mind a month later then it's probably a safe purchase. This Bulgarian trance music Sunstar has me listening to has me pretty jazzed so I'm going to go dance with Roxy around his apartment.


Blogger r.bean said...

wait, is a pool bag (like the one you have but forgot for vegas) different than a beach bag?

10:43 AM  

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