Saturday, June 18

In the last week I have been working alot for Kelly and I also have gotten Kelly and Tom to decide to sell their house and move in with me (until they find a new house to buy). There are so many other stories that I just am not enclined to share here, which kills me you know. I feel like I'm keeping secrets when I don't blog everything. But then again, I guess I am actually keeping secrets. Ok, what can I tell you? Hmmm. Well, I took the Caitlin and Christian over to Hidden Villa for the last day before they close for the summer. I got a bit reminiscent and stopped by the camp office to see about working a few weeks this summer. I have a phone interview with the new director tomorrow. I lost my cell phone somewhere on the farm. And I have no frequency up there so that decreases the chance of having someone hear it ring and find it. Last night was a Miyake's night that turned into an all nighter. I had a garage sale this morning where I sold just some stuff and made something like $65. I only took a 3 hour nap and then came to Kelly's to watch the kids. I am exhausted beyond belief. I'm heading off to bed. G'night y'all.


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are you coming to nyc tomorrow?

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