Tuesday, June 14

I had the kids all day long yesterday and had such a great time that it makes me a little sad to leave them. Highlights: *We had Cooper's friend, Ethan, over along with his family to go swimming. The water was great and I got back on the diving board. Before I knew it I was back to doing flips and one and a halves. (I use to be on the diving team in HS.) But somehow I would choke whenever it came to doing an inward dive or a reverse dive. Now I'm more motivated than ever to get over it and do them. *Jack and I discussing how it would be great to have audio video games where there is just narration and no screen to watch. *Us girls throwing the football around in the front yard. I really am not the person to be teaching Lil Ryan how to throw a football, but we had fun and it was cute.


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