Saturday, June 4

Every office was just stumped by what I wanted to do. I spent all day Friday hitting up city halls, police departments, planning commissions, zoning departments, and business developement offices for Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, and Laguna Beach. Over all concensus is that it isn't looking good. Every office was stumped by me seeing that I am treading on unchartered territory. And at first glance they all thought that there were no glitches and were giving me the go ahead. But I know their ordinances better than they do so I play devils advocate against myself and make them dig deeper into municipal code until they have found the section that throws a curve ball into my plans. Why help them? Because I know sooner or later someone is going to bitch about what I'm doing and I don't want them coming and shutting me down 2 months down the road because they were too lazy to figure out their own code regarding the matter when I first came to them. So Newport is a definate no. Costa Mesa wants me to get an expensive permit, but they already told me that for where I want to be they would deny my request. Laguna looked tricky and their planning department wasn't around... probably too tied up with the landslide stuff going on there. And Huntington was baffled. They seem to be giving me the go ahead, but they are researching to be sure. I really kinda want to move down here though. (Sorry Kelly! I know you hate to hear it.) So at what point do I walk away from Urban Crepe and get a normal job. I think first I should look into changing the business concept and do a little comparison on exactly how much it will bump my start up costs if I settle into an actual physical location and ditch the mobility of a catering truck.

So I figure that I might as well visit with my sisters while I am in SoCal. So I call up Michelle and then Deborah to see if they want to go out to dinner. But Deborah tells me that she can't because it's actually my niece's 3rd birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. So why not... Michelle brings Bryana and drives up from San Diego and we meet at the birthday party. We actually have a decent time playing dance dance revolution and other games completely inappropriate for anyone over the age of 10 to play.

Later I met up with Shawn, TiTi and Matt at the bars. Matt had these 2 girls with him and they were so nice. I was getting along with them really well. And then as is the trend lately in Newport, we come to realize that we go to the same huge Mega Church down there. They are Rock Harbor girls. I have made so many awesome Christian friends in the last 2 trips down there. It gets me all psyched and really wanting to move. But I'm sure my enthusiasm will fade by midweek.

On Saturday I lounged around with TiTi. Shawn went to go look at a buying a condo and he put an offer down so I maybe will move in with them if they get it. And then I went to a party in Malibu at Haylee's. It was mostly Haylee's friends from softball so Sunstar and I felt a bit out of sorts. I slept in the next day and didn't go back to Newport for church... (gasp) a rarity for me to ever skip an opportunity to go to church. Instead I headed to Hollywood Blvd to hit up Neighborhoodies and drool at their merchandise. But shopping only made me frustrated at how I have no money to spend. So I went back to Sunstar's in a bad mood saying... I'm sick of Hollywood. Let's get out of here. And we spent the whole 6 hour drive figuring out how I can create a more comfortable lifestyle for myself. Sunstar's ideas all revolved around me marrying rich old guys and paying him to come lay out by the pool. If you have any better ideas that don't involve demoralizing myself, feel free to leave a comment with your suggestions.


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hmm, socal doesn't really seem amenable to your business goals. sounds like you want to move there more for social reasons and that you are giving up an awful lot to do this.

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