Thursday, June 30

Don't you hate it when your favorite blogger refuses to post for weeks? I know! I suck. I constantly am thinkiing..."ooh. I need to blog this", but then I don't get around to it. I think the main reason is because I have been doing alot of IM, and I normally tell people whatever story through IM and then I just don't feel like typing it all over again. Well, I don't know if my posting is going to pick up anytime soon. Today is day 1 of a three week trip. Today I am in Newport Beach, CA and on Saturday I am flying to Newport, RI. Then I will continue on to Nantucket and then Cape Cod and possibly also NYC. We'll see. OK, other developements. I got two new roommates... Karis and Sonja (good vibe from a girl who shares my name). Both are really cool. They move in while I am away, so that will be strange to come home to two strangers living in my house. Let's see. What else... lately I've been really into myspace. And finally decided to not move for now.


Blogger r.bean said...

true confession: if i've got a story and i tell it on email...i've been known to copy/paste w/ minor revisions on the blog. i don't feel bad because i'd tell the story multiple times in person/email anyways.

congrats on the will be good for them to bond and make it their own too.

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