Saturday, May 14

The Trade Off
Kids are cute. Especially when they are cuddly. And especially when they are sleeping. So as we all settle down for naps at the Byrne house, how can I refuse Caitlin when she wants to nap with me. She wasn't successfully napping on her own anyhow. Now napping with a 3 year old is tricky and I alway seem to forget this lesson, although my little Ryan has taught it to me on more than one occasion. Napping with kids in this phase can often end up with being peed on. It's a situation that is really my fault because I forgot to put a pullup diaper on Caitlin. I woke up a bit wet thanks to the little bed wetter who was ever so cutely cuddled against my arm while peacefully and obliviously sucking her thumb. Caitlin's still asleep and I'll wait until both her and Christian wake up before we can head back to my house so I can change. I can pretend to have learned the lesson and to never forget the pullup diaper again, but I'm sure there will be instances in the future where I will again be peed on.


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