Tuesday, May 24

Today I woke up sick as death. At first I thought perhaps it was food poisening. I did have Indian Food the night before. But when I called in sick to work I found out that the kids were home sick with the same symptoms. I even threw up and I haven't thrown up since I was 13. I slept until 1:30 and then I was still too achy and too weak to actually get out of bed. I had a fever and the chills. Today, I spent two hours without taking tylenol all because I was too weak to go get a glass of water. And this is all made worse by the fact that I don't have my sleeping bag. Some of you know of my obsession with my sleeping bag and that I sleep in my sleeping bag everynight. But my mom borrowed it to go camping and I was sitting sick in bed feeling very bitter by the fact that she had it when I clearly needed it. I think it will never be lent out ever again. Finally around 5 I started to feel a bit better. And as I hear the love birds chirping in my back yard, I am reminded of how much it sucks to be single. I'm not a very needy person, but it's times like these when it's hard to be alone. With no one to take care of me... except there were people. Starting with Tom and let me say how lucky Kelly is to have such a good husband. He immediately offered to see if I needed him to bring me soup or meds or anything. I declined because I didn't think I could hold anything down. And the only thing I really wanted was someone to get me a glass of water and a pair of socks out of my drawer and that's just too silly to ask. Secondly my sister gave me advice on post throw up techniques... what is okay and not okay to drink afterwards. And then when I finally had an appetite, but no food in the house... Jaime shared her dinner with me. I'm very grateful to have people who step up in my times of need. At the same time being this sick makes me think of the last time I was this sick. At the time I had Pete and he was just great at monitoring my tempature and getting cool towels to lower my tempeture. As one who is constantly caring for others, I remembered how nice it was to have some one caring for me for a change. And then it's sad to realize how isolated I am from the people I care about. It's a tough thing.


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