Sunday, May 1

KAK Krew Goes OC
Newport Beach Continues...
Today we all went out for brunch at Cappy's. My old roommate, Haylee, came and met up with us. It was so great to hang out with her again. And I ran into my friends, Tim and Ryan, while at brunch. Then we headed over to Cabo Cantina. Then Scotty tells me that he's decided to stay in Newport until Tuesday and isn't driving home with me that night. Well, that changes everything if I'm driving by myself. I'm only good to drive until a few hours in the dark before my eyes start playing games with me and I start to fall asleep at the wheel. So this meant moving my departure time up from 8 to 4 and leaving the crew behind at the bar. I made it home safely stopping at Kelly's first to calm her down. She's throwing a huge fit over me thinking about moving back to Newport.
Me- "I think I might be being called to be back in Newport"
Kelly- "I already talked to God about it and He says you are NOT moving to Newport!!"
But we've had a long discussion about it and I think now she's supportive of whatever I choose to do (or at least she's pretending to be).
KAK BOYS- Ryan, Shawn, Lee, Scotty, Rich, Jeff, Matt
KAK GIRLS- Tara, Liz, Julie


Blogger Kelly said...

I mean come on can you blame me??? You have to feel somewhat good about me being upset, at least you know your loved :)

8:45 PM  

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