Sunday, May 1

My favorite thing about living in Newport Beach was my church. I had this amazing church called Rock Harbor that I loved going too. It was all young fun types and it had so many activities and outreaches and the worship was stellar. So whenever I am in town I do my best to make it to Sunday services. So this morning I get up and try to catch the 9:00, but low and behold... it's not there. Apparently they no longer operate out of the community center, but now have their own building. So I track that down and as I walk in I'm so proud of the church they have become. Their building is beautiful and they've actually outgrown that already and now have taken to having separate services in a local nightclub to accommodate the demand for seats in this rockin' church. And as I had remembered, the worship was wonderful and the message was powerful. And then during closing worship they announce that there's some smoke in the children's wing and that the kids have been taken to the front of the church, but not to panic. Oh and by the way... the fire department is here and ask that we evacuate as well so we are just going to keep playing worship and you can sing as you leave the building. Outside there are 9 firetrucks surrounding the entrance. That is one church that is definately on FIRE for Christ! It was good to be back.

Yesterday TiTi and I went shopping in the morning and then we met up with the group and all went to Sharkeez on the beach for Lunch and Liquor. I met this awesome Christian guy who was there celebrating his 21st birthday. We made sure he did it up right. And his friend was from San Jose and grew up right in my neighborhood. Such coincidence! But TiTi and I can only handle so much drinking so eventually we left the boys to their own devices and went back to shopping. Then we BBQ'd back at Matt's house. Suddenly everybody was exhausted. They all slept for a while but then I couldn't wake them when it was time for us to go out. I was getting fairly annoyed, so eventually I ditched them. I met up with Tim Lindsey of Shady Acres and we had a great time catching up, reminiscing, and talking faith. He's missing home and I was glad to bring a glimpse of it back to him. My glimpse of Newport Beach is so different from how I remember and it makes me feel like it may be time to give it a second chance. Something for me to pray about.


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