Monday, May 16

Capitola Crepe Craving
It started with me just wanting to enjoy the good weather at the beach. But then I realized that I had business to handle on that side of the hill. So after church I headed over to Capitola . My first stop was my favorite little bath store, Panache. This is where they make my custom scents that I obsess about. So I had met the owner, Frank, a few times and I've always been fond of him because he gives me free products. Last time I saw him I mentioned the creperie and he was really excited for me. And later I realized that Capitola would be great for a weekend market, so I brought it up to him yesterday asking if he knew any information on the parking situation. Well, did I ever go to the right person. Frank owns all the parking venues by the beach. He filled me in on city council issues, street vending issues, the restaurants who will oppose, ways around it, options on locality, spaces for lease and sublet. And he drove me around showing me all my possible options. What a help and God-send. I couldn't find a better connection. How am I going to do this in Newport Beach where I know nobody? Before heading back I laid out for a few minutes, had my favorite Mexican Chocolate ice cream, and stopped at my competitor... The Crepe Place in Santa Cruz. It really is a completely different market.


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