Wednesday, May 11

Bye Bye Weedville
Today I spent the day working on my yard. Now this actually started last week on Cinco de Mayo when Scotty called me up to go out. We headed to Mountain Charlie's where I ran into my friend Matt. The first words out of his mouth... "Hey Liz! You need to mow your lawn." Thanks, Matt. Moving on... Then right after I leave Matt I run into Vince. "Liz, What's up? You need to cut your grass." Are you kidding me? You know it's a problem when it starts infringing on your social life. Everybody knows where I live and they all drive by and take note of how I am single handedly bringing down the property value of my neighborhood. So Friday morning I felt very motivated to go break into Kelly and Tom's backyard, face their attack dog, and snatch their lawn mower. I got the front done that day, but I had to wait to do the backyard until today. And then today I pulled the hammock out from under the gazebo. And set up the fire pit. And then realized that all my yard chairs are still at Rich's house from last years' Rich-a-Liz-a-palooza. I also need to cut back my backyard tree so some sun can come through. But now the yard looks great and I'm kinda thinking it's time for a big party. Or at the least another bbq. Today I came up with the name of the next big party... Lizapalooza Kegs and Crepes.

Taking More Risks
Remember how I told you about that logo I made for Holy Crepe. Here it is... Laugh while you can, because it's not going to last. I'm changing the name back to Urban Crepe.
holy crepe
The logo wasn't all that anyhow. It didn't really look much like a crepe. And the consensus among everybody is that they liked my old name better. So I'm working on a new logo now to go with the new name. I think I'm going for one somewhat similar to dippin dots. And the big risk... reassuring that my investor was still on board. He was on board when I approached him last year, but He can also be fickle. So I was praying that he would not have changed his mind. And it did take some convincing so I ended up dropping a few grand off of my request to make it less of an issue. But in the end he agreed. Now I just am drawing up the loan papers and next week I'll set up a new bank account for the funds to be transfered into. I'll just sell everything I own to make up for the difference. Starting with a huge garage sale on Saturday.


Blogger r.bean said...

...also tell yourself this mantra whenever you are at the home depot/bath depot/ clothes depot.. do i want this window shade/shampoo carrier/cute skirt more than i want my own successful business?
it always worked for me when i was saving up for a trip. good luck kitty!

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