Wednesday, May 4

But shouldn't you really know better...
So there has been some controversy regarding my Liz Whiz Quiz. Apparently, question #1 is having everyone on the verge of rioting. What is my favorite restaurant? Correct answer: La Fondue. However, it was brought up to me by both Carrie and Tom that I state on three different occasions throughout my blog that Nola's is my favorite. I did however say on Dec 7, 2003 that La Fondue is my very very favorite. But I guess the only fair thing to do is to give credit due to the discrepency. So Carrie actually got 100% and Tom actually got 60%. Carrie would like me to mention that the discrepency proves that my blog is full of lies and one should not believe anything written here if you choose to read at all. Hope you both are happy.


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