Thursday, May 12

And this small world just keeps getting smaller
My hometown where I was born, raised and am currently living:
San Jose, California. Current Population: 944,857, ranked the safest city in U.S. with a population over 500,000. So tell me how it is that with almost a million people living here how I always end up having these "it's a small world" incidents. I think this is an indicator that I've lived here just too long.

This morning I get an email from this random girl who is interested in renting one of my rooms. She seems like a good match so we continue emailing. She writes of how she is looking for someplace close to her work and how she spends alot of time with her fiance, Michael. And if it would be okay if sometimes her fiance crashed over because he's living in Pleasanton and it's a long drive at night. It would just be until he buys his place in July and then she'll spend alot of time at his house. And then they will get married in August of 2006 so that is when she'd move out. And I'm thinking to myself... Man, is she into her boyfriend or what! But there is something else I'm thinking. So I write her back... is your boyfriend Michael F____? Surprise! Surprise! She says yes and asks how I know him. And I tell her the truth... he's an old friend of mine, but what I dont' say is that for a while we were a bit more than friends. And that we actually have a pact that if we are both single when we're 35... you know. But seeing that my back-up guy's fiance just emailed me to move in, it looks like I need to find myself a new back-up. I know too many people here. Just another sign that it's time to move.

My theme song... Be My Escape by Relient K. Check out the lyrics or the video and you'll know exactly what I've been feeling.

Liz: I'd be leaving alot of friends to go to Newport Beach.
Marianne: It's a good thing you know Ryan and Seth now. You can hang out with them.
Liz: huh?
Marianne: You know. Ryan and Seth? Marisa and Summer? The Cowen Family?
Don't get it?


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