Saturday, April 30

Yesterday I used my day off to drive down to Newport Beach to visit with the Southern Cal side of the KAK house crew. Significant: my mom hitched a ride down there with me so she could visit my sister. Significant because we haven't been speaking with each other. And although I wasn't the one to initiate this behavior, I opted to not talk much during the 6 hour drive. I prefer her to be in the dark regarding the details of my life . Any details she either sees as an invitation to meddle in my life or an invitation to cast judgement and throw her negative vibes my way. So I just let her talk and went to great lengths to not disclose any information. The only thing I disclosed was the purchase of my new bathing suit. If she was computer saavy she may be able to figure out what's going on with me, but she's not.

I got over to Matt's house and rushed to get ready, only to end up waiting 2 hours for the cab to pick us up. It was Shawn, Jeff, Scotty, BG, Matt, Brett, TiTi and Me. We went to a club called Vegas. TiTi and I had a blast. We had a great game of "let's ditch the boys" going. We would go get a drink and then find some obscure spot to dance and see how long it took them to track us down. Fun game. I think we'll play it again tonight. It was the most fun I've had since the Cruise. Tonight will be even better because we'll have more people rolling with us. Ryan and Rich flew in this morning and some of Matt's friends will be joining us. This afternoon I think TiTi and I will go shopping or lay out. Still to be decided.


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I left my debit card at the club last night. So right now I just went to check my bank account on line... $101 bar tab... without tips. That is the most I ever spent at a bar. I guess that's what I get for playing ditch the boys. No boys to buy me drinks. :(

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