Tuesday, April 19

This weekend I mostly worked. But Sunday I went to church, where people hardly recognized me with my tan. Matt thought I looked like a completely different ethnicity. I taught Sunday School. And then Shannan came over and we started to make her very difficult wedding favors. We cut all wrappers, wrapped all chocolates, assembled all but 30 boxes, and finished to completion 81 out of the 200 favors. The process stopped due to running out of pink and white m&m's. Then I watched both the Sampson kids and the Byrne kids while the parents went to a church leadership meeting.

Today while working I throughout the day worked on taking out my braids. Now my hair is huge fluffy and crimpy. I think I've killed it. I hope it goes back to normal after a shower. Tonight I was at Kelly's messing first watching her kids and then converting her back over to blogger and teaching her easy blogging while also trying to mess with her template. I just got home. And it's still not right. But you should check her out because she promises to post something tomorrow.


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