Sunday, April 24

Impromptu Date
I was sitting on my bed amidst my messy room talking on the phone after a very long day at work... still in work clothes, no make up, hair a mess. When quite unexpectedly walks in Nate. (I was expecting Sunstar). Nate on the whim stopped by and wanted to take me out to dinner. Guys... give a girl a little notice, even if it's just 5 minutes to hide her skimpies, throw on a cute sweater and apply a layer of lip gloss. Anyways, there were some odd conversational pieces flowing across the dinner table. First off, it was brought up that I have a very motherly look, but that it's hot. Conclusion- I'm a MILF with no kids. Don't know the phrase? Look it up in Urban Dictionary. The other odd conversation was a comparison of me to warm fresh baked bread... something about being both hot and wholesome. I don't know about this guy. His analogies need some work. Gladly, I don't need to worry much about him. I have his M/O figured out. He just comes around about once every other month and then I don't here from him again until 2 months later when he's ready for another date. He'll move to NY in May 2006, so that should give us about 6 more dates. Doubt things will get very serious in that timeframe.

The Following
Friday I went out dancing with my housecleaner and her friends. Odd, I know. But she's really cool and so high energy on the dance floor, which explains why she has the energy to clean my house when I don't. Then I headed downtown to talk business with bar owners while I try to figure out who owns what. So I end up hanging out with some friends over at Temple after it closes. At 3am I leave and start to walk to my car. Now I've never been one who was scared to walk a few blocks by myself at night. But this particular night, I get no farther than 50 ft away when some guy approaches me saying "what are you doing? you can't be walking out here like this at night! I'll walk you." And although I refuse his offer and assure him that I'm fine, he just gets more persistant. And worse yet, he is getting louder and drawing the attention of all the drunk and horny bums on the block, so at this point even if I manage to get this guy to leave me alone and continue on... there is now a gripload of drunken streetfolk who have just had it pointed out to them that I'm a great target to rape or rob walking all by myself. And they were starting to get closer and close in to check out the commotion this fellow was making. At this point I can't go on alone thanks to my very loud new friend, and I don't trust him to walk me so I have to turn around and go back to Temple to get one of the guys I know to walk me (in the rain) to my car (which is like 5 blocks away). Such a hassle. I know that guy was trying to help, but he only made it worse. Thanks to George for saving me from the obnoxious overly eager boyscout and his scummy audience.


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