Saturday, April 16

I just finished watching Cold Mountain with Jude Law and Nicole Kidman. It was a great movie, but I hate injustice, and I hate war, and I hate when they make me cry. Why can't honor, love, and goodness always win. Or even just win more than not. Are the good stories out there and I just don't see it. I feel that often I am living this fairytale good guy scenario full of hope and loyalty and beauty, but it occurs to me that I may not get the fairytale ending that should accompany my life. It could be hopeless, or worthless, or tragic, or too short, or an endless wait. Oh, I pray it is none of these things. I will do my best to make good of whatever should come, and it is not in my nature to lose hope. But hope can seem like such a foolish notion. Although it's only foolish if you don't get what you're hoping for. I pray that although I may appear the fool, in the end I will not be one.

Sorry, Kelly. I was suppose to be at her house playing Karoake Revolution, but got caught up in this very long movie that I could not pull myself away from. Forgive me, Kelly. It's too late to call. See you in the morning.


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