Thursday, April 28

Another waste of a good day off...
I woke up all motivated, but then I got online and spent the morning signing up for netflix instead. Matt finally got me out of the house under the pretenses of having to drop my karoake machine off to him. My church is having karoake night this Saturday. It should be alot of fun. Too bad I'll miss it. So me and Matt were singing away once I got over there and helped him set up the machine. Then I headed to Kelly's to get her lawnmower, but instead I decided it can grow some more and that I'd rather go to Whole Foods with her. So it made for a really unproductive day. I got absolutely nothing accomplished.

Last night I took Kelvyn out as a pre-birthday celebration. (Thirty-four is so old!) Kelvyn has led a sheltered life, which is amazing given that he's a California native. I took it upon myself to work on breaking him out of his bubble before he ages another year. (He swears it's a cube, and not a bubble he's living in.) We went to my favorite place in San Francisco... Mas Sake, to give Kelvyn his first proper taste of sushi and other fine Japanese niceties. Mmmm. Crunchy Rolls. Craving fulfilled. "What is this soup?" MISO! "What are these things called again?" EDEMAME! "What is this dessert?" MOCHI! "What's a sake bomb?" Give me a break! How can he have lived in Cali all his life and not know these things? I told him to admit it... He must really be from Wisconsin. Then keeping in the theme of the night, we went to the Filmore to see the Puffy AmiYumi Concert. It was a great show and really these Japanese Popstars have a big fan base which is surprisingly mostly caucasian with only a handful of asians and a handful of children with liberal parents who let them go to a 9:00 concert on a school night. Their english is so poor they are up on stage with little cheat sheet scripts to read when they talk to their audience between sets. It's very cute.

Today the kids were thrilled out of their minds that I was sporting a Puffy AmiYumi t-shirt and that I had their theme song playing off the CD when I picked them up from school. The big highlight of the day was being IM'd from Ryan in Korea. It was such a nice surprise to hear from him and be able to talk to him if even just for a few minutes. Looking forward to going away for the weekend to Newport Beach with the crazy KAK house crew. It will be quite the party weekend. However, I am coincidentally going to be missing absolutely everybody's birthdays this weekend.... Happy Birthday to Sheila Dhake, Kelvyn Johnston, Jeff Howard, and Stephanie Walker. I'm sorry I'm going to miss out on all your fun celebrations.


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