Friday, April 15

2 things to pray about today:
1. Duncan is back in England having heart surgery today. It's not too major, but still. There is I think a 20% chance that it won't work and a 20% chance that his condition will return. That condition is that his heart beats irregularly fast. It's like he has a short circuit and this surgery will fry that circuit to eliminate the problem. So I'm praying that it will all go smoothly with no glitches and that it would be a lasting success with a quick recovery.
2. Ryan is on his way to Korea for a one year stint for the army. I'm wearing his dog tags today in honor of his departure. He's O positive blood type. I hear you can get in big trouble for giving those dog tags away. Hmmm. So I'm praying he has a safe trip and a blessed year ahead of him.


Anonymous Gemma said...

I second those prays for the boys. Thinking of you both.. keep in touch!

12:50 PM  
Blogger Duncan said...

Hi - updates on my blog page - see to the left!!! Thanks again!!! xx

6:22 AM  

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