Wednesday, February 16

This last weekend was all work, no play. But at least I was in town and close to home. The extra money was needed anyways. For Valentines Day I wanted no romantic pressures so Sunstar and I went up to SF to hang out with Kelvyn at some anti Valentine party. And after hitting a few bars, we went to this after party at this awesome loft. Well, I didn't get home until 7am. Thank God I didn't work until noon. I was able to squeeze 5 hours of sleep. And the next day I was really productive. Maybe 5 hours should be my norm. Maybe I'm getting too much sleep.

Today is my day off of work. I'm suppose to have every Wednesday and Friday off of work, but since I started this job I have been called in every single day off. And then they've been using me alot on the weekends and not to mention our trips together. I've been with these kids every single day straight for at least 3 weeks. I definately have them 50% of the time or more. I definately have more one on one time with them. And this wouldn't phase me in a typical nanny job, but it does here only because their mom is a stay at home mom. She's just very busy. Ends up she actually really did end up needing me today, but she had been hyping up this whole "real day off" thing all week long and then couldn't really back out of it. And I'm on overload. There are so many things I've been putting off waiting for a day off that I don't know which to tackle... take down christmas lights, catch up on school reading, install a new garbage disposal, steam clean the bathroom, do crepe related stuff... I'm just not sure. I'm starting with the gym. I'm off.


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