Sunday, February 20

I'm writing this from the airport. I'm on my way to Northstar Tahoe via Reno (for work of course). Hopefully I won't be snowed in with the kids this time. They let me fly in today so I wouldn't miss church this morning. It was our first Sunday as Cornerstone Vineyard at our new church location conveniently located just blocks from my house. It was a good service for the most part. The former south bay vineyard folk like myself were in hysterics over the fact that the the former city vineyard folks don't put the donuts and bagels out until church is over. There was some playful chanting... "release the donuts. release the donuts." The downside of change.

In other news, my mom is pissed off at me. I don't exactly know why, because she refuses to answer her phone or even answer the door. But it has to do with my clients firing her off of a job that she didn't actually even want anymore anyways. The incident was nobody's fault and I'm not sure why she got the brunt end of their antics and I did not. Actually after they let her have it, they hugged me and went out of their way to let me know they were not mad with me. But it was as much not her fault as it was not my fault. And actually I think they realized that because they told me to tell her to just give them a few days to cool down, but I can't tell her that because in her typical fashion she is giving me silent treatment. It's making me feel ill whenever I think of the whole thing.

And lastly, yesterday was Bean Day... the day of birth of my dear cousin, our beloved Raebean. Embarrassing childhood photos to come.


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