Friday, February 4

Guess who loves school?? Yep, ME!! I love my classes. All 5 of them. Great stuff. I don't want to miss a single class. Can you believe that I like school? My parents would be shocked to hear me say that (but I won't bother to tell them I'm going. I feel like it gives them this traditional reason to be proud of me when they should be proud of me anyways). I'm auditing all of them which is great because it releases me of all the pressure of having to turn in assignments and reports. But I'm so enthralled that I'm doing the reports anyways because they are all so incredibly pertinent to the business. It's all stuff I would have to do anyways... like menu planning, facility planning, business process of starting a restaurant.

Guess who had a fantastic day today?? ME again!! Was I just griping about my job in the last post?? Let me take that back. I'm getting a back up nanny so I can have time off. My job is the best ever. My clients are wonderful. They just informed me that they are taking me on a 11-day Carribean cruise. Yahoo!!! I'm so excited. Check out my itinerary and burn with envy. So I got the kids looking all cute-like and did their hair up real good and took them to take their passport pictures. And then I taught Ryan and Coop how to skateboard. And then we watched Two Brothers, that Disney movie about 2 tigers... totally had me tearing.

So this weekend my clients are going to Reno for superbowl and taking me with. And no visit to Reno would be complete without me taking that hour drive up to Susanville to visit my brother in prison. I think he's doing much better. I've got him on this challenge to read through the whole Bible with me. And then I got both him and his mom the Purpose Driven Life books and they are going through that series together. Good ways to stay connected.

Ends up I was entirely too eager about doing my taxes. Yesterday my tax deductible reciept came in for a large amount that I gave in tithing to my church. It's big enough to make a significant change in my return. So now I have to redo my taxes and file for a correction. What a hassle. I hope the new numbers come out to be worth it.


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