Monday, January 17

What's exciting me today...
*this massage chair that I bought yesterday. My mom thinks it will be my demise and I will never leave the chair and that it will only worsen my issues with productivity. She suggests I get a timer for how long I can sit here. Hmmm. No!
*the $50 cuisinart ice cream maker that I've wanted forever and couldn't justify buying. First in the mixer will be mexican chocolate ice cream with chunks of mango. Then some variation of Gorum cookies (spicy chocolate w/ nuts and berries) but in ice cream form perhaps with marshmallow creme added in as well. And then we move on to invite some non dairy delectables for my treat deprived roommate.
*Nate and his follow through.
*karoake revolution gathering tonight over at Tom and Kelly's. After I introduced them to the game, the went in with me on getting KR3 for Matt & Emilie for christmas. And then they went out and bought 1,2, and 3. Now I feel like everybody has it but me. Maybe I do need a PS2. I don't play games except this one. Tonight will be fun. I'm bringing dessert, homemade ice cream and crepes.


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