Friday, January 7

I'm nursing a black eye from being clocked by a 3 year old. This week I went to the sneak preview for the 05-06 season at the American Musical Theatre. I wish I did theatre in high school. I want to be in a musical. Aren't there any amatuer adult theatre groups out there? Something to look into. Anyways, I think I'm going to start buying theatre tickets more often. I also had a mini family reunion dinner the other night. My uncle Rayfield (from Reno) and his son RJ came into town and stayed at my house. Also my uncle Troy was in town so we all went to dinner (my dad included). Family gatherings are very rare for us, so it's more special than it sounds. I have the kids overnight tonight. They are being so wild they even have the dog tripping out. Maybe when they all go to bed I can get a decent amount of time in with KR3.


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