Tuesday, January 18

Ice cream flavors of the day- tropical fruit cheesecake and mexican chocolate rocky road.
I am loving hanging out with Tom and Kelly. Last night's Karoake Night at their house was a blast. The funniest part that just kept on getting me was this. Yesterday morning Tom read my entire blog... like the last year and a half of my life. And he has some kind of photographic memory so all throughout the night he references things from my life. I mention my best friend and he says "You mean Carrie". I mention Kelvyn... "the one who looks like George Clinton". I mention avoiding having parties at my house because of new carpet... "that's why you have them at Rich's". I mention my childhood... he mentions my pony. His wife stopped thinking this was amusing as she was not getting these inside jokes of his regarding jelloshots. I thought it was hilarious though. I think he could give Carrie a run for her money in a Liz trivia competition.

Speaking of such things.... Long Distance Friendship Games.
Carrie starts in on me tonight with this game of Guess What I had for Dinner. Me versus her dog Butters to determine who is really her best friend.
Carrie- What was my first appetizer?
Me- Cheese
Carrie- What kind?
Me- Jack?
Carrie- EEEHHhhh! Wrong! Let's ask Butters. Butters? *pause* That's right. Cream cheese. Good Dog! Ok, what was my second appetizer?
And basically the rest of the game went on like this. Me guessing wrong and losing 4-0 Butters. Correct answers were shredded mozzerella, chocolate milk, and noodles. Damn smart dog. Don't fret though. I was given back my title of best friend fifteen minutes later when Carrie discovered that Butters peed on her couch. So haha! In your face, Butters!

So then I turn the tables on Carrie with an equally impossible game. "If you are really my best friend you will guess what I am wearing today. Carrie versus Mom (who is with me during this time)."
Carrie- thong panties.
Me- EEEHHhh! Nope. Mom, what underwear?
Mom- Barely Theres.
Ding Ding Ding. Point for Mom. bonus for knowing the brand.
Carrie- some type of zip up jacket with a hoodie. Color- earthy maybe brown.
Me- nope. red puffy jacket with no hood.
Then Carrie comes in for the win guessing that I am wearing a cross necklace, blue jeans, a tan bra, and black slides with a strap thing which was all completely right on. Amazing. So she is cleary my best friend. But Tom's a good runner up.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Urban outfitters' t-shirt... (last night). Correct?


9:36 AM  
Blogger Liz said...

EEEHHHhhh! Wrong! White Turtleneck Sweater.

10:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was sunny yesterday... Sunglasses from Banana Republic?


10:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha funny stuff. liztrivia. - melanie

7:03 PM  

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