Wednesday, January 26

I have to apologize to my few loyal online friends who have faithfully been checking my site without reward, who have held hope and not considered me left for dead, who went as far as to leave me nasty notes pondering what crack in the depths of the earth I had fallen into. What justifies such a long absence. Puter broke? no. Connection down? no. Out of town? no. Deathly Ill and hospitalized? not quite. Caught up in some new hot steamy romance? I wish. Just that dang Lazy? Yep!! You start off saying "oh, I got to write about that", but then don't find time to. In the meanwhile 50 more things happen or come to mind that you also have to write about. Soon the list of things to write about is so dang long you don't even recall what you wanted to write about and it is such a huge enormous task that you get overwhelmed by the thought of blogging and procrastinate. But I'm going to take baby steps and write this post slowly in small increments as to not freak myself out. (written 1/26-2/1) And I've been quite busy too. Those of you who think that I am avoiding you or that I have forgotten about you and your ill misconcepts regarding my blog, rest assured that I will deal with you (as soon as I have the due time for a proper confrontation). Ok, Lots and lots to catch up on so let's not waste no more time...

*I was fairly disappointed to discover that my baby Allison was put into a daycare facility 3 days a week behind my back. Their new nanny only works 2 days a week. Why didn't they tell me they were doing this. I left because I needed to work part time for the business. I wish they had told me this daycare/nanny split was an option. Maybe we could have saved Allison the adjustments and I would probably be getting more done. I'd rather work 2 or 3 full days than 5 or 6 part days. And I'd rather be with Princess Allison who is the most wonderfully well behaved child who is full of hugs and loves and never hits me or rants about how she hates me.

*Writing this in Seattle while visiting Carrie. I have decided that Seattle is a great place to head to if you have some junk in the trunk, because it is simply the norm here. Probably due to the amount of time spent indoors because of sucky weather. It is not however the place to launch a new makeup line from because the women hear simply just don't wear any. Admiring once again the transportation infastructure that is far superior to SJ sucky system. Also love their downtown appeal. I was at a moral dilemma today when in my shopping I came to a fork in the road... banana republic on the left, urban outfitters on the right. I slipped into Anthropologie (world's best smelling store) to escape the chaos in my head, when Carrie saved me from the dilemma with a call to say time was up and to head back. It was probably for the best.

*On Monday I am going back to school. I hate school with a passion. But I've decided that it may be somewhat beneficial in an overrated kind of way. Not aiming to get a degree or graduate or even pass. Just thought I'd learn a little bit. Food & Labor Cost Controls, Facilities Planning, and Restaurant Management Theory. I think I'll audit them all and escape the pressures of homework, attendance, and studying.

*Matt got me (and probably half the church) all freaked out. He calls me and says "what are you doing today? can you come over? there is something em and I need to talk to you about?". not a good phrase to hear come from your pastors mouth... immediate thought process is that they are telling me I'm way over my sin quota and that I'm doomed to eternal damnation... then reality kicks in and I come up with 50 legitimate still scary things that might be the topic. Ends up our church is merging with the city vineyard church (who is pastored by Dave Jacobs, a man who I simply adore and pastored me from the time I was 8 until I was about 23) and they just wanted to check in with me and see how I felt about that and make sure I was on board to make the merge with them... something he absolutely could have just done over the phone and was not as urgent as he led on. After we talked about it, I gave him some coaching on how to go about requesting a meeting with a congregant without freaking them out. Excited about the merge though. This may bring our church's single christian guy count up.

*Last Saturday was a Miyake's night. It had been a month since the whole gang had gotten together to go out and I had been looking forward to reuniting the good times. But the hype was low and I think we may be in a mourning period after the discovery that Shawn and Tara are moving to Newport Beach and Jeff may be moving down there too. Those are the key initiators for our group. Without them, it all falls apart. It's kind of an end to an era. KAK house will live on, but only for Wednesday poker nights. :( Highlight of the evening though would have to be hanging out with Kazaam (KAK house neighbor). Dancing the night away with him was such a treat. His mama was a ball room dance teacher so the boy has some moves. And watching him work the room convinces me that his skills go beyond the dance floor. The boy is a total player.

*So last weekend my clients were having a garage sale which I figure I'll stop by because they are probably getting rid of some pretty nice stuff (plus Diane wears the same size as me). Sitting there for sale is my brand new ice cream maker and my mini food processor. I had it in their garage because the kids and I had been making ice cream almost everyday and apparently Sheldon thought it was garage sale. He tried to sell it to me saying they couldn't find the inside part that your suppose to freeze. "Because it's in the garage freezer!!" So I rescued my beloved appliances and picked up a brand new really nice karoake machine too. Does anybody know how to burn CD+G's? Marcus and I tried the other night to burn his karoake CD collection but can't get the words to transfer over. There must be a way though.

*So this weekend I got legitimately drunk (like room spinning but no hangover or puking, still count as drunk?) and the worst part of it was that I was pouring my own drinks and that I didn't make it out to the clubs. Thank you Jackson for stocking up on the Malibu for my visit.

*So here's a little project I am thinking of doing in my lack of spare time. And maybe they have something like this, but I don't know. 2005 Bay Area Best Date Guide- a publication put out every year perhaps in the newspaper listing great places to go and and things to do on dates with all necessary details regarding the activity. Categories to include group dates, on a budget dates, seasonal specific dates, sophisticated or special occasion dates, etc... Got any ideas? Email them to me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha..whoa..holy friend lonyl (he was at my bday dinner and remembered you) saw you in seattle in the mall.. haha.. how crazy you guys would be there at the same time.. and reading your most recent post.. i'll be in reno this weekend too! way weird. haha.

9:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha..whoa..holy friend lonyl (he was at my bday dinner and remembered you) saw you in seattle in the mall.. haha.. how crazy you guys would be there at the same time.. and reading your most recent post.. i'll be in reno this weekend too! way weird. haha. ---Melanie

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