Monday, December 20

Today I am home sick. I slept until 2. And didn't feel very mentally capable to do anything until maybe 20 minutes ago. My tasks for the day was to fix my closet curtain that had fell down and to download Vindicated by Dashboard Confessionals. I ate lots of left over party food... mainly pepper jelly and crackers. Speaking of party, it went quite well. Only about half of those who RSVP'd actually showed... no big surprise... if it doesn't involve a keg, my people just won't come. This one really catered to my married with kids group of friends. Afterwards I went on a horse drawn carriage ride through Willow Glen to see the christmas lights. Very romantic if I hadn't been with my family. Then I went up to Palo Alto to meet my friends at Miyake's so I could be their designated driver home. We had a ton of fun. While there I ran into an old friend named Cory. He use to work at Hidden Villa with me and everybody thought we were brother and sister because we look alike with dark prominent freckles and all. These days Cory has started a pharmaceutical company promoting a drug he invented that is like a morning after pill for the HIV virus. If it all goes through, he's going to be loaded. It definately will have a market being used in hospital rape kits, as well as those stupid enough to engage in unsafe sexual practices with strangers. But there's more ways to contract hiv other than sexual. I could see this being used as a precausionary after all blood transfusion (not that we don't test the blood anyways these days) or any time there is an accidental exposure to another persons blood. I could see doctors using it alot after treating hiv positive patients. Anyways, if he's really done this then he's genius and will make himself really rich.


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