Tuesday, December 28

So my last day of work was last wednesday. Thursday by noon I was contemplating going to visit the baby. I did catch up on christmas shopping and then there was christmas. I loved getting cash from mom and a the hottest orange suede prada purse from my sister and neice. Yesterday I got called into work. So today was my first real day with no work being at home left to my own devices and my own motivations towards productivity. The day is almost over and I am still in my pajamas. Today I.... 1. took pictures of my christmas tree and lights 2. wrote some letters 3. researched how to get from truckee to reno 4. made a car rental reservation 5. sorted a rack of clothes in the garage 6. downloaded aol instant messenger 7. made potato latkes 8. researched the California prison facilities 9. watched a french movie with subtitles 10. really that's it. But here's what I should have done today that I did not.... 1. Pack for my trip tomorrow 2. Go get stamps and mail out letters 3. return things to the mall 4. brush my teeth 5. cook something with apples and mangos before they rot 6. shower 7. go for a run (I got as far as setting exercize clothes). I'm tired now from doing nothing and I don't want to pack but I have to. Kinda last minute, my clients decided they wanted to go up to Northstar and asked if I can come. So we leave first thing in the morning. After they leave on Saturday, I am continuing on to Reno to visit some family. And while I'm in the area, I am going to pop by Susanville State Prison to visit my psuedo brother whose locked up there. I've never been to a prison so I'm a bit nervous about how that works. I can't wear underwire bras there. Ok, I'm yawning so I'm either going to go pack or go to sleep and get up early to pack.


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