Tuesday, December 14

O Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree, How Much Money You Do Cost Me
I got my tree Sunday night. And last night I busted out the boxes of ornaments, but wasn't feeling it. So I ran out and spent a small fortune on all new matching theme ornaments. And now my tree is absolutely beautiful. And matches for the most part... my roommates slipped some stray harry potter ornaments on it while I stepped out to get ornaments. I couldn't take them down, so I just moved them to less prime locations. I just still need to find a good tree topper. These will be my ornaments for at least the next 3 Christmas seasons so I feel justified in spending so much on them. I ended up not using more than half so maybe I didn't spend as much as I thought. Soon I'll post a pic of it.

This morning I got early peak into my Christmas goody coming from the east coast. My dear love of a cousin called to say she is shipping me out her old digital camera.... YEAH!!! That's completely what I wanted/needed!! I have to fix the shutter, but no big deal. I can't wait!!! Yeah!!! Now my bloggie can be fun, interesting and picture filled just like hers, except mine is superficial in design as a protest.

Tonight for all those who are wrapping paper disabled, you can bring your gifts down to Westgate Mall where my church (South Bay Vineyard) is lovingly wrapping your gifts up pretty and presentable for free. Absolutely free. No donations accepted. We've all donated supplies and we'll be volunteering our time to offer this service to the public just to show God's love to y'all. Some come take advantage of our good will. We'll be there from 7 - 9 through Thursday.

Lastly, this article surfaced in the Mercury News...

You can't put a price on pretty legs, but two San Jose girls who have endured months of antibiotics, oozing sores and accompanying distress are calling on a lawyer to give it a try.
The sisters -- ages 11 and 15 -- have sued the nail salon where they say they picked up a rare bacterial infection that has left their legs speckled with ugly, painful sores. They are among 79 people so far who have reported symptoms of the pedicure-related infection to Santa Clara County health officials. Thirteen area salons have been mentioned in the complaints.

These are my hairdresser's daughters. You don't mess with my hairdresser. She's been doing my hair since I was twelve. And she knows beauty and cosmotology standards, so she was not one to be reckoned with. She's been interrogating everyone who sits in her barber chair regarding their pedicure practices, and educating them with on the horrible consequences of these chop shop nail salons. She sits you there and makes you read all these articles and shows you pics and calls her daughter over... pull up your pants and show Liz your legs. Those poor kids. And now I educate you. Beware.


Blogger Sheila said...


I totally agree about nail salons. I acutally went to the Kathy Nails on Alamaden Expressway, a few years ago, which is one of the hot spots for the recent outbreaks. I am so glad nothing happened to me when I got a pedicure, because you know me, I get affected by bad things so easily. Did your hairdresser say anything to protect you if you do decide to get manies and pedies?

9:49 AM  
Blogger Liz said...

She refered me to a salon called Cococabana that is on Almaden Expressway by where Trader Joe's use to be... that light right Almaden Lake.

9:59 AM  

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