Wednesday, December 8

I've been having trouble finding time to put up my Christmas lights. It is dark by the time I get off of work. I did the lights I could do without getting on the roof. So I figured I would get up at 6 and do the rest only to figure out that it isn't light out then either... not until 7. So I dilly dally on my computer and then get dressed and gather what I need only to find out that it has started to rain. There is some force of nature out there that is adamantly against me celebrating christmas. First the family fued over decorations and now the lights. I will have my Christmas with lights and decorations!! (I have to... I already planned a party around it and the invitations are out there already).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our mini-Christmas trees are awesome! Yay for Christmas lights.

Random tangent -- do you or Wolfie know of some philosophers who wrote specifically about identity or individuality? My friend is doing a project and needs to find someone to quote and whatnot on this subject. Do you still talk to the Dubgee at all?

3:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've discovered your blog.

Regarding the question above (which is now, most likely, too late to be of any practical help--though it remains intrinsically helpful) I do know of some philosphers who wrote on the two concepts you've mentioned; namely, identity and individuality. The two notions, please note, are not necessarily related, though they are often correlated; that is to say, while questions related to identity sometimes include questions about individuality, this is not always the case (and vice-versa). For individuality already presupposes some notion of idenity--an object cannot be an individual object (in any meaningful sense) apart from having certain properties that individuate it; thus, those properties are at least constituent parts of some thing's being, some thing's identity.

Now, I suppose you want some names. Well, therein lies the problem. As stated, "indentity" and "individuality" are vague, at best. Identity of what? Persons? Indecernibles? something else; likewise for individuality. So, I don't know what names to drop until you've 'de-vagued' the concepts in question.

Now, don't make me put on my poopy-face: What the (or who the) heck is a (the) Dugbee?

Glad I could be of no help.

6:51 PM  
Blogger Cheryl said...


We're trying on nicknames for you, and Dubgee is the only decent one we found, besides Wolfie, which sounds kind of childish, but I'm okay with it.

In any case, I suppose I'm looking for philosophers who mulled over identity of persons. My friend wanted to find a philosopher whom college students could study while reflecting on their own identities. It's really for a scene or two of her screenplay, which takes place at a university, and the main theme of the screenplay is identity, as in finding yours. The screenplay is about a guy who steals other people's identities, and for most of the plot, he has stolen the identity of a college professor, who may or may not be teaching a philosophy course.

Hope that clears things up and didn't just add to the confusion.

10:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, try these on for size (becuase you can wear them):


BODY AND SOUL, J.P.Moreland and W.L.Craig


INTRODUCING PERSONS: Theories and Arguments in the Philosophy of Mind, Carruthers

These are all excellent books that will confuse even the best of us.

11:11 PM  
Blogger Cheryl said...

Super! I will pass along the suggestions and perhaps peruse some myself! Thanks for the help, Dubgee. Uh, Wolfgang. Uh, anonymous. Uh, yeah.

3:09 PM  

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