Thursday, December 2

I enjoy dinner for breakfast. Right now I am eating mash patatoes, spaghetti and pork (or is it beef- whatever). I enjoy calling and waking up my friends to tell them how I am so excited about what I got them for Christmas and how I bought one for me too and I'm wearing it right now. I enjoy extrodinary coincidences that leave me pondering fate. I enjoy the way the steam rises off the water at swim practice and having a lane all to myself. I enjoy having some kind of power over my contractor to convince him to come over and do menial handyman work for me on a Saturday.

My dream last night... I never ever remember dreams so I'm shocked that I have this to tell. I had baby allison with me and I was over at my old office at Marriott. And there was this big political conference going on there and there were alot of Pres girls from high school there. But only the nice ones, I don't recall seeing any of the snobs. And the hotel was all decorated for Christmas. And I saw Jessica from the skate rink there. And the bellhops were all surprised to see me at the hotel again. And then I was kinda interested in the conference (odd because I'm hardly interested in anything political), but I didn't have a ticket so baby and me sat on the old steps to my office because we could see from there. And then a fire broke out and the bellhops weren't doing anything so I was telling them what to do and keeping baby away (she had fallen asleep in my arms during the conference). They got the fire out and that's all. Perhaps my subconscience is trying to adjust to another job change. It was this time last year that I was looking to leave Marriott and searching for a nanny position. I always like the hotel at Christmas.


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