Friday, December 3

Don't you hate it when...
You forward on a protest email that happens to be bogus and then you get a thousand emails back telling you and everybody you sent it to that you are wrong. My bad! I rarely pass these things along, but I did this once. And I didn't confirm it at any urban legend website because I didn't care to take the time. It wouldn't be so bad if everybody just responded back to me saying that I am wrong (Mind you that I didn't write it- just forwarded it). But what they do is a reply all that is like letting all your friends and family know that you are an idiot spewing evil false rumors around about a company that, as far as they are concerned, is right up there with the Holy Virgin Mother Mary. Luckily I only sent it to either close friends or family who already know I'm an idiot and love and accept me otherwise or the few people in there that I don't care much about what they think of me. My official apology to Starbucks and all those I have offended by forwarding false info.


Blogger r.bean said...

hey lady, we've all been there...i guess this was your first? maybe it is like schooling the sender a bit on protocol since there are many such bogus email chains, the people who reply all are usually people who have received many such emails, know how to sort through them and now want to educate all recipients before they likewise resend (sending false information) and probably go through the same thing themselves.
for the record, i'm NO fan of starbucks.
they can keep all their tall, large and ginormous drugs.
i am just opposed to false rumors and the modern avenues they spread on these days.

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