Friday, December 10

Bad Christmas Streak
So what else could go wrong...
*My party invitations were all returned to me because my envelopes were just slightly oversized and there wasn't enough postage to cover that. By the time they get there it will leave just a one week notice on the party.
*Because I am never home I have not raked all fall until now only to discover that the thick layer of leaves has rotted my grass by not allowing any sun to get in. I now just have black as coffee mulchy dirt where there once was lawn. I guess I'll try to deter people from the backyard.
*I accidentally bought a set of blinking lights but didn't notice until I had hung them and therefore had to take them down, go back to buy more lights and replace them. The other light problem I incurred was that my new lights wouldn't plug into the old lights. You know how sometimes there is one prong that is bigger than the other.... ya, that was the problem. Tip for next year... line up your lights on the ground tracing your house and connect them all and then plug them in and inspect before you actually hang them. I know that seems like common sense to most.

Last night at home group we discussed this great article called "Our Western Religion in an Eastern World" and how it relates to community. How did our nation aquire the disease of individualism? I think it started with the settlers who came over and abandoned all sense of their community objectives to participate in a greedy race to accummulate more land, resources, and wealth for themselves. In a new world that had so much to offer with so little competition, greed became the institution on which this nation was built. And although I think we all crave community, very few have the mindset to put their desire to fulfill their own needs aside even just momentarily to make such an ideal notion truly exist. To do so requires making the the good of the whole priority number one over not just your own desires, but even your basic needs and trusting that your needs will be fulfilled through the community. So anyways I found this on Sherry's blog and found it so appropriate for a world where the masses just pick and choose what we want to believe out of a spiritual buffet of religious theologies and philosophies according what suits their lifestyles. Belief-O-Matic - A quiz to see what religion your beliefs most coinside with. I have a friend who has gone a step further and is founding her own religion. For what it's worth, here's how I fall on the spectrum:

1. Orthodox Quaker (100%)
2. Mainline to Liberal Christian Protestants (89%)
3. Islam (82%)
4. Orthodox Judaism (82%)
5. Mainline to Conservative Christian/Protestant (77%)
6. Liberal Quakers (77%)
7. Reform Judaism (76%)
8. Eastern Orthodox (74%)
9. Roman Catholic (74%)
10. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) (71%)
11. Seventh Day Adventist (70%)
12. Sikhism (70%)
13. Bahá'í Faith (68%)
14. Unitarian Universalism (63%)
15. Jehovah's Witness (58%)
16. Hinduism (51%)
17. Jainism (50%)
18. Neo-Pagan (39%)
19. Mahayana Buddhism (38%)
20. Theravada Buddhism (37%)
21. Secular Humanism (36%)
22. New Age (36%)
23. Taoism (29%)
24. Scientology (26%)
25. Christian Science (Church of Christ, Scientist) (23%)
26. New Thought (22%)
27. Nontheist (21%)


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