Sunday, December 5

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This weekend started with a Dave & Busters outing initiated by Sheila. I brought Jaime & Amy along because they had never been. I went home a bit early because I wanted to spend some time with my kitty Ming. She's a very old girl... 20 years old. Poor miss kitty has had a really bad ear infection for 6+ months... it's more like a huge growth with lots of puss and blood. Vet wants me to go into mass debt for me to make it better and I just can't justify the expense when she might just keel over a few weeks later of old age. I had decided to let her be as long as she was not in any pain. But then last week she started to wine a bit. The roommates tell me it's reached the point of cruel to keep her alive. I cried alot, came to terms with it and was going to take her in to be put to sleep. I figure she needs to have the best last day ever. So Friday night I take the mattress out from the sofa bed, bundle up in 3 layers of sweats, grab my thermo insulated sleeping bag and the space heater and make bed out in the garage because kitty's best day would be us sleeping together like our childhood days. She was so happy that she didn't wine at all. And I cried alot and took her picture and then in the morning my mom came over (who has not yet come to terms with the situation). She didn't even scream her head off like usual when we were in the car. Then on the way over part of my tooth fell out and the realization hit me that I am going to have to go to the dentist and that's going to cost me a fortune. I can't afford to take the cat in. So we turned around and she got spared. She seems happy now that the space heater is in the garage. Maybe she was just cold all along and not in pain. I slept with her out there again on Saturday night just in case.

The rest of the weekend was spent christmas shopping and fighting over the family christmas decorations with my mother. I decorated the house weeks ago after my mother had flaked on coming over to sort through the 30 boxes of christmas stuff I store in my garage. Then Saturday my mom comes over and sees all these things she wants for her house and packs up literally all the decorations that I already put up and takes them home leaving me nothing. Well, if I don't get to use them then I'm not going to store them. She can go pay for public storage after the new year. Besides this forces me to go out and buy my own decorations so I won't have room to store hers anyways.


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