Tuesday, October 19

Secret Revealed- it was actually my first guess only because it was something I wanted so much. In a package that arrived today from Minnesota was some handmade goodness. The most beautiful green and maroon quilt from Grandma Jean (Carrie's grandma). I have wanted a quilt for the longest time. I was so jealous whenever Grandma made quilts for other insignificant people she hardly knows. And Carrie has so many and gets a new one every year. Finally it was my turn. And it is super special because I love this family as if it is my own. I have been grandparentless for ten years. Long ago I adopted grandma and grandpa Harrington as my own. But this was kinda like being adopted right back.

The weekend was uneventful. Nothing at all exciting. I helped Polly & Gary pack up to move. I ran errands. I had my dad over for crepes.

This week I've picked back up on my atkins & swimming. I've switched to the evening swim session which is way more laid back and has more personalized coaching. And I'm not the slowest person in the pool anymore.


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