Friday, October 1

My Month of Discipline is finally over. Let's review how I faired.
*Atkins- still on it but tend to cheat on weekends. Last weekend was the worst with cake and candy and other party foods. I lost 10 in the first week and then haven't lost anymore.
*Purpose Driven Life- I am on day 31 of the 40 day program. I was up to 9 days behind at one point but got caught up. I am not waking up at 5 in the morn to do this. I read it when I am at work. And I hardly ever do the journal part of it. But it has been a very insightful book and I recommend it to all. I have decided to re-read the book 2 more times which will occupy me up to the end of the year.
*Master Swim- Going great. This week I didn't miss a single day. I'll explain the whole psychology of swim in a later post. I never did make it early enough to ever catch a coached workout and I never made it to a single weekend workout.
*Afternoon Business Planning- Ran into a glitch and I haven't wanted to deal with it yet so I've replaced business planning with napping and web surfing. Last weekend I made crepes for my church and that got lots of people asking and that is a bit motivating. I need to get back on track with this. Especially because I need to get it squared away so I can plan a trip to Paris.
*Running- happened once after work, but I have been seriously so busy with hardly any free time after work. When I do have time, I prefer to do laundry or other house stuff.
*No TV- That didn't happen. I need tivo and then i think i'll watch less tv because i'll spend less time looking for something good to be on and i can just stop it at my bedtime and pick it up again later.
*No Drinking- This didn't happen either. Last night I even took to drinking alone at home which is a step down I always frowned upon as completely pathetic and unnecessary. But I made the drink too strong for myself and didn't even drink it.


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