Tuesday, October 12

Las Vegas was fun. It was nice to have a change of scenery. Mind you it was still work. I had fun with the kids and hanging by the pool. I just didn't go out partying until 7 in the morn like usual. The extent of my sin city naughtiness was blowing money on a rushed 1/2 hour shopping spree at urban outfitter.

Well, I didn't sleep much Sunday night was pretty fatigued. Fatigue + Airport Germs= Catching the Flu. So fever, chills, headache, and aching body accompanied me to work today. But really I'm not too bad. Illness is inevitable so I just ignore it until it refuses to be ignored.

So what is the secret? Tonight Carrie starts in on a "I know a secret" chant. But she won't tell me what it is, and the suspense is driving me crazy. Here are the hints I got out of her.
*It is a good secret/surprise. *It has to do with me and me only. *It has nothing to do with a guy. *Carrie isn't suppose to know about it (and has nothing to do with it). *The person who told her also has nothing to do with it. *It's pretty big. *It has nothing to do with any tv shows (I had been thinking while you were out or something). *I should find out in about 2 weeks.
Do you know? Tell me if you do?


Blogger r.bean said...

you were artificially inseminated in your sleep?
can you name the baby RrrrrayRay?

1:38 PM  

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