Saturday, October 30

I'm very excited for KAK House Halloween Party tonight. I went out with the boys last night and their house looks great... all spooked out for the festivities. If I didn't invite you it's because they are only letting me invite my single girlfriends. So the theme is Superheroes. Now I wanted to be a geisha girl, but because I'm kinda part of the core group there was mass pressure to hero up. Thus I will be attending as Storm from x-men. I have to finish making my costume this morning.

KAK House- kinda like an adult fraternity house... think old school. I have this group of guys I hang with that are the most fun guys I know. And I am the only legitimate girl in this group. There are 2 other girls, but they are only in because of their boyfriends. If their relationships should end they would be out of the group. We've seen it happen. That makes me legitimate because I am not currently or have ever dated any of these guys. Nor would I, because I value being able to casually hang with them without any type of relational drama. The big perk here though is lots of attention when we go out. Now I'm pretty shy when I go out and I'm not one to really talk to new people. If it wasn't for them I would be a complete wallflower, just like I am when I go out with girls. But I just rotate hanging out with the boys and there is always someone to dance with or buy me drinks. They all make the occasional play for me. I think it's become some kind of challenge for one of them to try to claim me. Last night I actually heard the words..."No, she's my girl!" I would never attach myself to any guy in this group, but I admit to loving the attention. It makes for worry free nights.

Also this week, heck I can't even remember this week now. Apparently I did nothing important.


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